27 February 2012

this is some of what i keep inside..

Everyone sees who I appear to be,
but only a few know the real me,
you only see what I choose to show,
there's so much behind my smile you just don't know.

Did it surprise you that I am not who you thought I was?
Did it surprise you to find that I don't exactly stand for what you thought I stood for all along?
Did it surprise you to find that I'm not exactly how I played myself out to be?
That the person you thought I was is actually nothing to what I am.

"Thank God" for those people that question everything.

Sorry if you can't define me,
sorry that I speak my mind,
Sorry if I don't fake it,
Sorry if I come too real,
(from now on) I'll never hide what I really feel.

to be truth,
sometimes people just can't see other people happy with their life. 

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